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NU-FOOT® and NU-FOOT VET - Multi-Purpose Anti-Fungal Formula Concentrates
FUNGIDYE® - Broad spectrum fungistat for treatment and Prevention of White Line Disease

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About Bob Peacock

Credentials: Professional Farrier 1966
Educator 1972
Inventor of the wide web aluminum shoe; (Lighthoof) and others.
Consultant for major manufactories and the horse industry.
Author; American Farriers Journal, Anvil Magazine, The Horse, and others.
27 year member of the American Farriers Association (AFA)
AFA Humanitarian award
Achievement F.E.I. World 3-day event in 1978;
Farrier for The Pan Am Games in 1987
RJF The Guild of Professional Farriers.
Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association BWFA Hall of Fame.
Lifetime achievement award and the G.P.F. Journalism award.
The Farrier Industry "Legend" 1975-2000
Specialties: Shoeing, Pleasure, Hunters, Jumpers, 3-day events and racehorses and standard breeds.
Have conducted studies on white line disease and found the cure.
Lectured at Equatonia KY and Equantonia West.
Southern Equine and the general farrier industry.

Bob Peacock Inducted Into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame, November 2003, read more at: http://www.americanhorsepubs.org/news_updates/news_update_755.html

Needless to say: He is as proud as a Peacock. Dedicated and devoted to my friend "The Horse" and those who apply their talent for the horses comfort.