Quality Control Rasp Survey

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Please supply the following information and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Please note: Farrier Science Clinic may share this survey information with a rasp manufacturer in an effort to enhance customer satisfaction with regard to rasp performance.
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City, State  Zip
Phone / Fax (optional)
1. Occupation: Full time farrier Part time Farrier Student Veterinarian
2. Which Brand of rasp do you use? Bellota Nicholson Save-Edge
Simonds Big Hoof Black Master
Heller Legend Black Heller Legend Red Tang
Mustad Little Hoof
How many rasps do you use per month?
3. What is the primary reason that you buy your brand of rasp? Sharpness Consistency Resists Clogging
Longest Lasting Smoothness of Cut Price
Other (please specify)
4. Do you use a finish file? Yes No
If so, what brand?
5. What improvements would you like to see in your rasp?

6. Do you use a file for Aluminum? Yes No
7. Do you need or use a half round file? Yes No
8. Where do you usually buy your products? (If possible, please include Company Name, City, and State.)

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