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The Basics

Extra Strength Fungidye(tm) patented formula Made for Hair infection, Hoof Rot and fungus. Penetrates into all infected cavities. It is insoluble in water or urine. The anti-fungal agents, and two anti-bacterial agents stay after covering up. It does not kill tissue. For use as an antiseptic and wound-healing agent. Also for use as a diagnostic tool to locate cavities during resection. It is clinicly proven to be used as a topical treatment or under a patch repair. A proven preventative from fungus infection.

Ingredients: Chemotherapeutic agents, Organic trypanocide dyes. It does not contain formaldehyde or copper sulfate. Acriflavine HCL, Gentian Violet.

Use in nail holes and affected areas. It gives dormant organisms an opportunity to grow healthy. It stops the growth of the fungi.
4 oz. Professional size comes with a pour cap and dauber.
2 oz. Size also available.
8 oz. Spray Solution
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Clinicly Proven to Stop Fungus by Veterinarians, Farriers, Trainers, etc. in 60-days Combined with NuFoot tm Concentrate.

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